Earth Friendly Shipping Supplies

There’s a lot of excess material and wasted paper that can go into shipping. We love EcoEnclose’s reduce first, then reuse and recycle model. Their boxes are entirely customizable, encouraging you to select a size that fits your products snugly and securely while helping to potentially eliminate the wasteful employment of unnecessary void-fill.

EcoEnclose boxes are made from a mix of 95% post-consumer waste and 5% post-industrial waste. Absolutely NO new materials are used in the manufacturing of these ridiculously green shipping cartons. Their boxes are fully recyclable, biodegradable and made in the USA.

Not to mention all their other earth friendly shipping supplies like 100% plant derived biodegradable carton sealing tapes, recycled poly mailers, biodegradable bubble mailers, and a unique Recycled Corrugated Bubble comprised of 100% recycled cardboard made entirely from post-consumer and post-industrial waste.