French Paper Company

Finest Paper Company in all the Land

French Paper Company has been manufacturing paper for more than 140 years in the same community of Niles, Michigan. In an industry known for corporate acquisitions and shutdowns, French Paper has persevered, emerging as one of the strongest, smartest, and most consistent paper brands around.

Remaining as one of the last, small, independent mills in America, French Paper has learned to take their direction from customers, not corporate consultants. They keep their eye on the bottom line by improving their product lines, and when they talk about stock, they mean papers, not shareholder value.

French’s iconic paper brands like Speckletone, Dur-O-Tone, Pop-Tone, and Construction have made a big impact on the design community. Meanwhile, French Paper’s impact on the environment has remained surprisingly small. French avoids petroleum products in the manufacturing of their papers, and instead generates their own clean, renewable energy with hydroelectric generators installed on-site in 1922. French has saved over one million barrels of fossil fuel to date and was one of the first pioneers of recycled paper manufacturing along the way, including 100% post-consumer and FSC ® certified and other environmentally friendly sheets.

Continuing to innovate, French Paper Company is the first mill to go beyond pulp, providing not only distinctive papers, but the equally amazing images to use on them. By offering the world's most extensive and highly regarded free digital design resource, French has created a powerful new means to enhance the work of creative people everywhere.