Real Thread

Apparel Printing Co.

Real Thread is an innovator in the waterbased and discharge screen printing industry. The proof shows through their work and dedication as the only known shop in the US who devotes 100% of their time to waterbased and discharge inks.

Real Thread's printing methods provide a far more creative approach to screen printing as opposed to using plastisol inks. They take core capabilities and go big – HUGE actually. The creative options are endless, and it's all due to these specialty inks. From 12” standard size prints to 23” oversized images and all the way up to all-over prints. Real Thread is the most knowledgeable printer around when it comes to waterbased and discharge inks and that is a total necessity because good projects demand advanced knowledge and expertise to get the job done right. At Real Thread, they strive to deliver top quality products as the result of an innovative printing style combined with cleverly designed, creative graphics to showcase a true printing difference.

Like so many other great ideas, Real Thread was born out of discontent in 2009. Screen printing t-shirts was a stagnant market and it felt like little was being done to breathe life back into it. Plastisol inks ruled the market, but felt boring and the prints weren’t worthy of being your “favorite t-shirt” because it lacked that soft, comfortable, vintage feel. Waterbased and discharge printing was around, but printers weren’t really using it on a regular basis. At the time it felt unavailable to the average buyer. Waterbased and discharge printing needed to progress not only in availability, but in education and awareness as well.

Original founder, Dru Dalton, started his first printing business in college. Like most college students, he needed a way to fund his “fun” activities. Bartending wasn’t his thing, so he started printing t-shirts in 2007. It wouldn’t be until 2009 that he would start Real Threads and decide to exclusively print using waterbased and discharge inks.