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A few select finds from our travels.

We love to travel, and are always on the lookout for unique items. To be honest, Jen loves to shop! We always enjoy discovering antique shops and junk stores tucked away off the beaten path.

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Movie Reel


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Movie Reel
Movie ReelMovie ReelMovie ReelMovie Reel

Movie Reel

Vintage 1930s 35mm film reel manufactured by Goldberg Bros in Denver, Colorado. The industry workhorse 35mm cast aluminum house reel is built with a 15" diameter flange and a 5" diameter hub with an half-inch spindle hole. Each reel can handle 2000 feet of film and provides many years of reliable service.

The Goldbergs started their most famous product line in 1913, supplying the fledgling silent film industry with film reels, shipping boxes and related hardware. Although just a sideline at first, their film-related supplies went on to become their most successful venture.

About the Wayfarer Collection

We're always on the lookout for great finds and unique items. Each with a story it's own. As we stroll, roam, and meander through rural areas of the northeast, the hippest neighborhoods in New York, or the back woods of southern states, it never ceases to amaze the beauty found in small tucked away corners of our world. This collection will continue to grow over time, so keep your eyes open!

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