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A few select finds from our travels.

We love to travel, and are always on the lookout for unique items. To be honest, Jen loves to shop! We always enjoy discovering antique shops and junk stores tucked away off the beaten path.

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Revere Eight


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Revere Eight
Revere EightRevere EightRevere Eight

Revere Eight

With a sleek aesthetic design, The Revere Eight Model 84 8mm movie camera has a sleek design, and a bit of personality! Circa 1950s, Revere cameras were touted as being high quality at low cost. Today, they're a great piece of history.

The core of the camera measures approximately 3 5/8"l by 2 1/4"w by 5"h. The lens adds an extra 1" to the length. The viewfinder is a tiny hole at the back of the camera. On the right hand side is a sliding knob that runs the motor, and a winding knob to advance the film.

The camera is in great condition. The camera can be wound and the motor runs, however it has not been film tested and may or may not be functional.

About the Wayfarer Collection

We're always on the lookout for great finds and unique items. Each with a story it's own. As we stroll, roam, and meander through rural areas of the northeast, the hippest neighborhoods in New York, or the back woods of southern states, it never ceases to amaze the beauty found in small tucked away corners of our world. This collection will continue to grow over time, so keep your eyes open!

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