American Roadtrip

Surrender the Journey.

For more than seven months we chose the most inefficient means possible—driving 18,500+ miles—to meet with individuals and organizations across the country in an attempt to curate a collective vision of the future where the combination of work and  life is the great adventure. While the seven month road trip has come to a close, we are still nomads traveling almost constantly. Albeit hopefully more efficient means of transportation in most instances.

We struck out to wander across the U.S. in order to connect with thought leaders across a broad spectrum of domains—brands, agencies, creatives, entrepreneurs, investors, professors, students and more. We continue to seek out individuals to meet and interview as part of our ongoing research and expanding outlook on the future creative economy. We believe that the future of work, especially for entrepreneurs and the creative industries, is fundamentally evolving. Our goal is to draw insight from individuals across the country to develop a forward-looking philosophy of work and life.

We want to connect with you! Our favorite aspect of travel is meeting brilliantly talented individuals, and making new friends and colleagues.

The Stops Along the Way.

The red dots represent cities, towns, parks, hikes, canyons, campgrounds and motels we've visited. However, that doesn't mean we won't be back! The green dots are the locations we'd like to travel. If you're interested in connecting with us in person, please reach out directly. Tell us a bit about yourself, your city, the creative and entrepreneurial community, and we'll follow up! Hopefully we can stop through en route.

We are learning from a wide variety of individuals their vision for the future of work. Along the way we’re researching, interviewing, seeking insights, and writing a series journalistic articles series.

We'd be thrilled to meet! Reach out.



The Articles Written.

We have met amazing people all over the U.S. and are consistently amazed at the ambitions of those crafting our collective future. As we travel we're writing about these individuals, telling their stories and how their efforts are shaping our developing thesis. Currently, we're publishing journalistic articles in partnership with HOW Magazine. In this article series we are reporting on our travels, conversations, experiences, fears, challenges, hopes and especially the expectations and opportunities within the future creative economy.

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Racing Across the Midwest: The Creativity of Indianapolis – HOW Magazine
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Discovering the Heart of the Heartland: The Great Kansas City – HOW Magazine
On Sustainability: A Design Manifesto – HOW Magazine

Follow our journey! We'll be posting photos every step of the way. Find us on Instagram @neilbrown & @jenbakerbrown.

Stay tuned for more! We'll be blogging, posting to Instagram, speaking at events, connecting at meet ups, and working from cafes as we travel. We're holding any "plans" loosely, and are embracing the (mis)adventure that comes our way.