Our Annual Excursion

A Decade Together Retreating to Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island holds a special place in our memories, and our hearts. A decade ago, in a simple ceremony at sunset with sand between our toes, we were married. And it has been one adventure after another. Our dreams continue to blossom as we continue to grow together, and Baker+Brown Co – this ongoing experiment of ours – has its roots in Sanibel. We found inspiration for our first collection from long walks along the beach at sunset, hunting for sea shells, and finding solace dreaming of the future as waves gently lapped at the white sandy beaches beneath our umbrella. Sanibel is a magical place for us, and one that escapes words.

The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea.

Isak Dinesen

A month of relaxation and work.

This year we spent the month of July relaxing, and working from Sanibel. It was a great month! And as we tend to do, we held an impromptu photoshoot. We had samples of the Sanibel product with us, and quickly set up a few fun shots at the beach. And naturally, found time for a bit of beading!

Every year, we like to take a quick adventure off the island to explore other areas of South Florida. This year, we headed up the west coast to explore all that is Florida kitsch! While amazing as it is, we do prefer the sanctuary that is Sanibel. But we spent three days cruising along the coast. And ended up in St. Petersburg to see the Salvador Dali museum. Quite impressive indeed!

Because of the passion, vision, and diligence of many key individuals, Sanibel has been a protected and maintained haven for decades. As lifelong advocates for Sanibel, our desire is to help in this effort in our own small way.

Sanibel Island is much more than just a tourist destination, thankfully! Over 60% of the island is an ecological and wildlife preserve. With the non-stop development of the Florida coast line, Sanibel is truly a unique place and ongoing experiment at the intersection of preservation and tourism. An example to be studied, and should inform the future of our precious environment. We had the privilege of exploring the inner areas of the ecological preserve with Bird Westall, a legend and true Sanibel character. At sunrise, we caught up with Bird and hopped into a canoe, paddling for hours through a maze of waterways throughout the island.

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