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Let me tell you the story of a brilliant young woman named Brendah. This year, the year of 2014, is her first year at law school. A memorable year for her. She’s bright eyed, a bit reserved, yet confident in who she is and who she will become. Her future is filled with potential. But for Brendah, her life was not always so bright. To say it was bleak is the use of an insufficient adjective. As a child Brendah was homeless, living in the streets of Mombasa, a large city on the western coast of Africa in Kenya. It was here, in extreme poverty, that her life changed forever.

No one cares more about justice than those who have suffered injustice.

Thomas Keown, Co-Founder Many Hopes

In Kenya alone, 2.6 million children are homeless. Many without parents, nor family. Children beg and steal just to stay alive. Each and every day these children are faced with great injustice. Hunger. Violence. Disease. Prostitution. And worse. Many girls attempt to mask their gender by shaving their heads and wearing baggy clothes in order to look like boys, simply because it’s safer. Not the conditions for an aspiring lawyer.

Many Hopes is providing a solution. A long term, strategic, and truly sustainable solution. We are investing in future leaders. We are investing in her. In him. Investing in the children cast aside, healing them, caring for them, educating them, and most importantly, loving each and every one of them. It is a long term investment – it is a redemptive effort. As Thomas Keown, Co-founder, states quite directly, “No one cares more about justice than those who have suffered injustice.”

We can equip children who have suffered the worst of exploitation with the education in their heads, the confidence in their bellies, and the network at their fingertips to match that desire already in their hearts, so they will do work we could never do. A network of principled professionals (lawyers, doctors, teachers) who remember their suffering and were educated with love and fairness, will lead with integrity, and will defeat the corruption that exploited them and their neighbors.

Many Hopes believes in tackling the causes of injustice, not simply housing its victims. The organization builds homes and schools, cares for and educates the children, and is methodically building a network of the future leaders of Africa. Many Hopes is also developing local businesses to sustain their unique model, so that their donors (or rather investors) will not. While giving to charity is good, investing in a sustainable vision that removes the need for charity is even better! And 100% of funds given are directly invested in the work on the ground. An eight pond tilapia and catfish farm, a large vegetable garden, livestock, a community water project, an elementary school for 900 local children, and more provide a sustainable, and scalable solution to eradicate the causes of extreme poverty. As the old adage goes, the proof is in the pudding! Check out Many Hope’s Annual Report to see how their model is generating significant impact and returns.

These businesses provide more than jobs – more than a revenue stream – this approach develops and nurtures a micro-economy. Enterprise provides a viable, long-term solution. The beauty of this model is the simple fact that it is local, and not dependent on exports to wealthier markets in order to sell goods at a high markup. We’re seeing that export approach more and more these days, where consumer goods are created by artisans in underdeveloped regions and sold under the banner of conscious business. We question if this is a truly sustainable model. The Many Hopes approach and diligence is refreshing and, we believe, a stronger sustainable system.

For those interested in supporting and investing in Many Hopes, be sure to check out their website, the annual report, and consider attending the Discover Gala on June 24th in New York City. It’s going to be a wonderful celebration!

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