A Rainy Day Lesson

Often it's the simplest lessons that are the most important to learn ... And to be constantly reminded.

Life is busy. Over the last three months, our schedule has been painted solid with travel. Looking forward, the calendar is no less colorful. But recently, we had a few days of downtime to do – well – to do nothing! Needless to say, we were excited at such a proposition; just a few days to get out and explore together. So, it's the first day home in what seems like an eternity. The forecast is rain, nonstop torrential downpour.

Not ones to let a little rain slow us down, we grabbed our coats, boots, hats, a few towels, a change of clothes, and headed out to explore more of the Hudson Valley. We stumbled upon Iona Island, drove through Bear Mountain State Park and along Seven Lakes Road, crossed the mighty Hudson to follow the river up the eastern edge making a few stops on our way to Beacon, NY. While it did not rain the entire time, we did get soaked. We were quite thankful for the towels and change of clothes.

There is never time in the future in which we will work out our salvation. The challenge is in the moment; the time is always now.

James A. Baldwin

I learned a valuable lesson – embrace the moment and what is important. This may seem apparent. However, after nonstop travel over the last few months, no amount of rain could dampen my excitement to spend time exploring with Jen. In many cases in life the obstacles that should put us off our path are truly the opportunities we need to embrace, to tackle head on, to enjoy, and to revel. These are the opportunities masked in the guise of challenge.

As we navigate life redefining our work to determine our key goals for the next decade, I need reminders such as this to always embrace perceived obstacles. In the end, what appears to deter may in fact be the perfect opportunity. Therefore we must hold our own expectations loosely, with an open mind, eye, and heart to the opportunities that may fall just beyond our line of sight. A concept more easily stated than enacted!

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