Spectrum Weekend Retreat

Finding time to reflect and envision is a critical element in the creative process.

We joined forces with Ben and Micole Messner to design a weekend away—a retreat—nestled in the rolling hills of the Hudson Valley in upstate New York. No stranger to short term adventures, Ben Messner is a mastermind of planning, logistics, organizing, sourcing and especially, vision for nurturing community. After months and months of nonstop travel, we were thrilled at the notion of a weekend to pause with old friends, and the growing Spectrum team.

Our goal was simple: to get away and know each other better. Naturally, we spent some time dreaming and scheming for the year to come. And part of the group adventured out along the mighty Hudson River, the marshes and forests, and found a few mansions tucked away. We have a number of big ideas and brand partnerships for 2017, so we talked through a variety of ways to develop a number of opportunities.

We headed into the weekend with a loose agenda – time to relax, plenty of eating well, personal coaching workshops with Ben, and a two hour session with our accountant. While the last bit might sound like a drag, it was exceptionally insightful for the whole team. We learned a lot. We love our accountant! Andrew specializes in working with creatives of all stripes: designers, writers, photographers, freelancers, and more.

We were born to unite with our fellow men, and to join in community with the human race.

Everyone had a blast. All around, the weekend was a great success and everyone wants to regroup in the spring for our second retreat. Seems we'll have to make this regular and recurring effort. Who one works with will always be more important than the work itself. People matter, and we always strive to do great work with and for the best people. Yes, we are professionals! But. We are friends, colleagues, partners, collaborators, and we know how to have a good time in the midst of it all.

See the video of our #MannequinChallenge that we threw together at the last minute, as we were heading back to NYC at the end of the weekend.


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