A luxury brand born of a journey.

The Uschanka story started when designer Piret Puppart went on a journey to the Komi people, a small ethnic group living at the very heart of Russia near the Ural mountains. She stayed in an ancient village of reindeer hunters where women wore beautiful scarves and fabrics, often inherited from their mothers and grandmothers. Reaching the Komi villages is no easy feat. Travel first by train, then hitchhike, and finally walk. It is a journey knocking on the doors of local women, asking to view the most treasured pieces within their wardrobe. At first, the ladies are a bit taken back – tourists here are rare – but soon fabrics, embroidery, and patterns are gladly revealed. It is here Puppart finds her brilliant inspiration.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.

John Keats

The Komi villages are a place where fashion statements are not made by the newness of things, nor trends followed, but by the beauty shared by many generations. It was then that Puppart decided to create the first Uschanka line – a limited edition of luxury clothing made with real pieces of scarves as seen in Komi tradition. Uschanka produces their collection in small quantities, and therefore select the materials carefully. The clothing is made in the tradition of the Komi tribes near Siberia, and is crafted to last for generations in the rather harsh conditions of Nordic countries.

We spent three weeks in Estonia over the winter holiday, and had the privilege of meeting two of the co-founders of Uschanka at a cafe just outside the city walls of Old Town Tallinn. Uschanka is the creation of three talented and passionate women. One a designer, two with business backgrounds in bio/med-tech. Quite the unique trio! As we chatted, sipped our coffee, and learned more of their story, we were enthralled. The design, the quality of the product, and craftsmanship is impeccable – hand crafted, hand stitched, and delicate hand embroidery all crafted in the region.

Uschanka is luxurious womenswear, a collection that is eclectic, romantic, bohemian, yet modern fashion forward with beautiful prints and fabrics for women that desire that something extra special.

The design is elegant and progressive, while simple and sophisticated. The brand is selling well throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Uschanka is growing internationally, and interest is gaining. And we’re hoping we’ll spot the brand in our favorite New York boutiques soon!

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